Dribblin’ Dragons (approx 15-25 kids) - beginner basketball program for kids Kindergarten-3rd grades.  The primary focus of this group is learning to dribble, shooting layups, and building a love of the game.  

Group Offensive skill instruction (approx 16-24 kids) - These workouts focus on dribbling & attacking the lane with both hands, layups with both hands, floor vision, and passing.  These skills will be taught through drills and small sided games of 1 on 1, 2 on 2, and 3 on 3. 

Skill Development Programs (K - 12 grades)

5 - 8th graders

​​​​3 - 4th graders

Middle and High School

Team training (10-15 players) - Coach Z is also available for team training of High school, middle school, AAU, recreation, and church teams.   Below is a video of one of the teams Coach Z works with year round.

Summer Camps (approx 24-36 kids)- Coach Z will conduct camps throughout June - August.  
To inquire about summer camp dates email Coach Z at coachzbasketball@gmail.com.  Campers are carefully selected to ensure that the competition level of camp is as high as possible.  Most camps are limited to 18-21 kids.    

Most camps focus on offensive skill development - attacking the lane with both hands and learning when to shoot or pass, finishing with both hands in a variety of ways, outside shooting, movement without the ball, and passing vision.  There are also Shooting camps focused entirely on shooting form and footwork.