NBA Players

Players Taught (male and female)

Carlos Boozer

P.J. Tucker

Courtney Alexander

Ricardo Marsh - Old Dominion, Turkey

Rashard Lee - Tennessee, France, Spain

Anthony King - Miami, Germany

Adam Simons - NCSU, Xavier, Sweden

Casey Sanders - Duke, Italy, Poland

DJ Thompson - App St, Greece

Damon Watlington - Virginia Tech

Marty Pocius - Duke, Lithuania

Pat Fitzsimmons - Amherst, Germany

Matt Rum - William & Mary, Greece

Damon Watlington - Virginia Tech, France

Joey Harrell - UNC-A, New Zealand, Eygpt

Overseas Pros (male)

Evan Hymes - Siena College

Jerry Fairley - Chowan

Evan Fjeld - Vermont

Michael Meyer - Williams College

Cam Chambers - UNC-W

James Manor - UNC

Quincy Drye - High Point

Alex Hall - Connecticut College

Matt Rum - William and Mary

Hunter McClintock - ORU and Lenoir Rhyne

Jeff Thomas - Lenoir Rhyne

Jeremy Ingram - Wake Forest and ECU

Aaron McMillan - Wake Forest and Guilford

Jose Ramirez - Princeton

Matt McCuen - Franklin and Marshall

Wes McAdams - Washington and Lee

Brian Boxler - App St

Kyle Church - UNC-Charlotte

Bobby Perry - Kentucky

Dwight Perry - Kentucky

Tim Chung - Case Western

Garrett Dorfman - Transylvania University

Eric McKnight - Iowa St and Florida Gulf Coast

Stephen Himmelberg - Washington and Lee

Pete Rathmell - Washington and Lee

John Mosser - Mercer

College players (male)

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Female players

Alana Beard - Duke, National POY, Euroleague All-Star, WNBA

Sheana Mosch - Duke, All-ACC, Euroleague All-Star, 2nd leading scorer in Euroleague

Lindsey Harding - Duke, ACC & National POY, WNBA, Europe

Georgia Schweitzer - Duke, ACC POY, WNBA

Allison Bales - Duke, All-American, WNBA, Europe

Mistie Williams - Duke, pro in Europe, WNBA

Vicki Kraypohl - Duke, one of the top 3pt shooters (career) at Duke

Iciss Tillis - Duke, professional in Europe, WNBA

Jess Foley - Duke, pro in Australia  - All-Star in 2009, WNBA

Michelle Matyasovsky - Duke, Sr. Co-captain

Kelly Seimon- Notre Dame starting Forward on 2001’ National Championship team

Brittany Mitch - Duke, Lenoir Rhyne

Emily Waner - Duke, accepted to Duke Med school

Mariel Amant - Arras, Pro in France, French National Team

Joy Cheek - HS All American, Duke

Wynter Whitley, Duke, Europe

Laura Kurz - Duke, Villanova- All Big East, played Professionally in Greece

Mackenzie Bisset - Durham Academy, All Area, Emory University

Hailey Yohn - Coker

Jenna Frush - Duke

Danielle Bongiorno - Lenoir Rhyne

Kiah McAndrew-Davis - Weslyan

Marissa Kastanek - NC State, playing professionally overseas

Cassy Stafford - Emory - All time leader in blocks at Cary Academy

Mickayla Sanders - Liberty, 3 time All-State, All-time leading scorer at Cary Academy

Chandrica Fuller - Pembroke St

Leigh McAdams - John Hopkins

Maddie McCallie - Miami of Ohio, PAC-6 player of the year

Haleigh Erb - Rochester University

Melissa Thomas - Queens College

Janna Johnson - Wingate